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5 Signs That You’re Ready for a Change

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2020

5 Signs That You’re Ready for a Change

 Day to day life can be all-consuming. The minutia of our days defines our schedules while we allow our brains to operate on autopilot. Sometimes the need for a change from this continuous cycle is right in front of us, screaming for our attention, but we continue to miss the signs that life throws at us. Keep reading for 5 signs that you are probably missing or misreading about making a change. 

  1. You Think About It

Dreaming about a different job, a different home, a different anything probably means you should take the time and steps to make that thought a reality. 

  1. You’re Bored or Overwhelmed

Is your job or day-to-day life utterly tedious or completely overwhelming? Neither is good for your health. Consider what steps you need to take to either make your day more exciting or to bring it down a notch or two into the tolerable territory. 

  1. You Need to Strengthen Your Weak Points

Are you racking up gold stars in all of the areas you know you are good at, but still have weak points that you can’t seem to improve on? If this is the case, you should consider what changes you should make that will force you to overcome these weaknesses. This may mean taking on a new project at work or maybe looking for a new job entirely. 

  1. You Feel Undervalued

Spending your days working hard only to feel like no one notices is a buzz-kill. Don’t allow your self-worth to be dictated by others in this manner. Start making changes to either show others that they should be showing appreciation or look for work (or friends) that will show their appreciation for you.

  1. No Joy

Everyone needs joy in their life. If there is absolutely nothing in your day, at home, or at work, that is sparking joy for you then you need to find the joy. This may be starting a gratitude journal to realize what good exists in your day, or it is time to look for work or passion projects that will allow you to spark joy in your own life. 

Change is something that everyone needs at some point in their life. However, knowing when you need to make those changes can be challenging to pinpoint. Sometimes we are so caught up in the day to day that we overlook the obvious, that we need to change. Stop and listen for the daily hints that it is time to change.



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