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8 Tips That Work for Stopping Negative Thinking Patterns


You’re tired, and it’s been a long day. It feels like there’s more in your life going wrong than going right. You come home and slump on the couch and wonder just how it was that your life started going so wrong.


We all fall prey to negative thought patterns. It’s so easy to see the worst-case scenario, to focus on the bad things in our lives, especially when we’re tired. But by focusing on the negativity what we’re doing is hurting ourselves mentally and even physically. Negativity drives us down by making us depressed and anxious. With too much negativity your sleep becomes difficult. Your body even starts to show the effects on how you feel, and also how you’re able to fight something as mundane as a cold.

 So how do you stop these negative thought patterns?

  1. Remember to breathe. When a negative thought surfaces, before you get caught up in the negative cycle take a deep breath. Relax. Accept that negative thoughts are going to creep up once in a while. 
  1. Acknowledge the thought. Without focusing too heavily on why the thought is there, stop and listen to it for a moment. Remind yourself that this is something that very likely isn’t true and that it can’t control you. 
  1. Examine the triggers. Why do you have the negative thought? What just happened that led to your having this thought? 
  1. Look for the root. The chances are that those triggers are rooted in something much deeper. Where did the thought originate? What do you need to work through to keep these thoughts from happening again? Don’t let this step overwhelm you. If the roots are deep, it might be that you’ll need help to dislodge them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to visit a counselor to help with this step. 
  1. Focus on where you’re going. Realize that this negative thought doesn’t control your future. Keep your eyes on your goals! 
  1. Replace the thought with something else. With your eyes firmly on your goal, focus on what you need to do next to realize that dream. Fill your mind with that thought instead. 
  1. Erase perfectionism. Realize that all of this takes practice and that you’re not always going to succeed on the first try. It’s ok. Jump in where you are, and if you fail, try again. You will get this! 
  1. Adopt a positive attitude. Remember positivity is a choice. YOUR choice. 

Stopping negativity is one of the most important habits that you’ll ever break. By pulling more positivity into your life, you’re going to feel better, and even like yourself a whole lot more. You’ll be more productive and experience less stress. With all that on the line, don’t you think it’s time to think positive?  

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